Finding the Root Cause of Your Pain and Suffering

3 month program


Have you ever wondered why people get sick or why we as humans suffer so much

physically, mentally, and/or emotionally?

Have you ever questioned whether all the pain and suffering is needed or necessary?

Do You Yearn for Optimal health, and Well Being?


I want to introduce you to a breakthrough technology …Tao Quantum Science “the medicine of the soul heart mind and body”. 

When you apply the wisdom of this technology the suffering and the pain begin to dissipate and you feel more freedom.


Join me In this 3 month program and you will learn:

  • How everything and everyone is made of shen qi jing….information, energy and matter
  • About the blockages, the negative information or messages, you are carrying that are the root cause of pain and suffering
  • How to transform the negative information
  • The tools and techniques of Transformation
  • About and experience the power of Tao Calligraphy Transformative Art….AND MORE!

Enter a powerful high frequency vibrational field that contains

positive messages of Tao, The Ultimate Source, transforming

negative information and energy inside our own quantum fields.

You will Receive:

  • 12 personal coaching and support sessions
  • 3 Akashic Soul Readings to assess your progress
  • Access to regular practice sessions
  • High frequency light transmissions to transform your Soul, Heart,

Are you ready to find the Root Cause
of Your Pain and Suffering?


Investment: $2997


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